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Need some help? message :iconmochifairy:
All new members are welcomed with open hooves, so either send me a note or ask to join our group ^^

You can sumbit artwork of any degree or level here from simple sketches to graphics etc.

Treat others kindly and with respect.
No bad language.
No insults, threats etc.
Do not ask why your deviation has been rejected as this will not change the decision of the staff.
Submit your art into the correct folder, if you do not I shall reject it. :/

Anyone breaking the rules will recieve a warning in the first incident, if you break the rules a second time you will get banned.
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Hi there guys :iconmochifairy: here!! As the owner of the group (The owner username I don't use anymore so I'm using this account to manage the group) I need to get more involved and show you all how much I appreciate all of your contributions! So each month I shall be featuring members art, cosplays, crafts and literature :D

Pony of the month Applejack (Next months pony: Princess Celestia)
Working Hard by khorme Crystal Applejack by SewingInTheRain MLP-Applejack Human Vercion by SamaelAlighieri Yee-haw! by GreatBallzOFire Applejack by ZoeVulpez Mane six AppleJack by BlueKazenate

Just Derping around... by crystalmimi Spike's Halloween Conundrum by Gryphyn-Bloodheart Pinkie Puffa Fish Impression by MochiFairy Flowing Gown by hugsomebunny BUCK Cosplayers by JollyDave

An unlikely friendship: chapter oneFluttershy was out taking care of the chickens. She smiled to herself as she got their eggs.
Her day was going pretty smoothly today.
The animals were calm and listening to her, even Angel was behaving himself today. The weather was nice, though a bit chilly. Therefore she wore sweater.
Fluttershy's attire consisted of a yellow sweater along with a long pink skirt which went to her ankles.
Once she got the chickens eggs she pet all the chickens for a bit to make sure they got the attention they desired from her. Then she made her way back to her cottage and went inside.
Animals scurried down at her hooves so she made sure she was very careful where she stepped to make sure not to step on any of them.
Once she got to the kitchen she simply put the eggs in a carton, and the carton in the fridge.
She sighed happily and walked to her living room and sat down on her couch. She then picked up a book which was next to her and began reading it.
A house later she set the book down to go outside
Spark.Chapter 1.
"Back in Black."
Cadence and Shineing Armor were looking out for there kingdom, Crystal Empire, as well as Equestria itself.    Meanwhile, deep in crystal ice, waited King Sombra. He trotted back and forth, for his plan of revenge on Equestria once again.    "Well, I can try this!" He hold up a broom instead.    "Ugh, this is hopeless." He dropped his broom and look at the crystal ice which gave him his reflection. "Soon.."    
Pinkie Pie was bouncing up and down in excitement .    She sung her smile song to herself as she bounced along the streets of Ponyville.    She saw Derpy  resting in a black cloud and Derpy got stuck by lighting. "That's got to hurt," Pinkie said.    Pinkie was kinda bored and wanted to go on a  adventure. She went to Sugercube Corner after her brake and went to work.    
King Sombra was sleeping by h
My Little Pony: Plague Rises Prologue
My Little Pony: Plague Rises
The pale-lit moon was high; nighttime had befallen upon the sparkling and beautiful northern kingdom of the Crystal Empire. Royal guards were on patrol in the streets, watching out for any sign of disorder. Of all the soldiers suited in crystal armor, one was wearing a suit of armor made of gold and purple metal plates: a unicorn stallion with a messy mane of blue hues, his eyes were blue, even his hooves were blue, albeit a darker shade. He was not only captain of the Empire’s royal guard, but the co-ruler as well. He was seen under the mighty arches that held the tall crystal castle (that he also lives in) where three alicorn princesses reside to discuss important matters. But at the moment, the white unicorn’s face looked slightly dazed. In fact, he didn’t take notice of a Pegasus guard approaching him.
“Captain Shining Armor,” The winged guard began, bowing before the prince. Before he could resume, he noticed his
The Belch-OffSeven friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike were having a picnic out in the fields. It was a fine day in Spring to be having one, and the group had just finished their delicious food. With that, Applejack got up from the picnic cloth and opened a nearby cooler
"Any o' ya'll want some sodas?" Applejack asked.
The rest of the group obliged, and AJ handed them out one by one. The sodas were named "Bubbly Brian's Cola", a brand which the whole group liked, though they had to take small sips of it. This Cola had a special kink to it, one that everybody who ever drank from it knew about. Spike, however, didn't.
"UHP" belched Spike, letting out a long line of flame that the Mares dodged. 
They then looked at him with surprise, which prompted the little Dragon to say "Excuse me". Spike had never been warned that Bubbly Brian's brand of Cola was alot more carbonated then most sodas, and therefore produced more stomach gas then
In the Dark of the Night (MLP)[NIGHTMARE MOON]
In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be --
It scared me out of my wits --
The sun falling to bits!
Then I opened my eyes
And the nightmare!!
I was once the most mystical mare in all Equestria.
When the royals betrayed me they made a mistake!
My curse made each of them pay
But one little mare got away!
Little Twilight, beware,
Nightmare's awake!
In the dark of the night evil will find her
In the dark of the night just before dawn!
Revenge will be sweet
When the curse is complete!
In the dark of the night
She'll be gone!
I can feel that my powers are slowly returning!
Gather passion and a dash of perfume for that smell!
As the pieces fall into place
I'll see her crawl into place!
Say good night, Twilight, Your Grace!
In the dark of the night terror will

Queen Chrysalis figure and Fluffle Puff custom by ThatStupidAnto Pinkie Pie Plush by DisneyKitten96 Aperture Science, We do what we must 'cause we can by XNightMelody Equestria Girl: Derpy 3 by Gryphyn-Bloodheart Princess Luna by valio99999

Congratulations to all of those who made this months feature!!! And good luck to everyone in getting into next months :D

Cya all soon  :iconmochifairy:
Also on a little side note I am starting a video series for YouTube as Chrysalis :iconqueenchrysalisplz: If you have any suggestions or ideas for the show leave a comment below or send me a note! It'd be appreciated thanks! ^^ (I will credit you in the video for your suggestions/ideas along with a link to your deviantart in the video description)
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Not specifically no.
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Excuse me, but can I share a flash animation ?
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Thanks !
Sure, whose all in the animation?
Roger334 Apr 7, 2014  Student Filmographer…

Mainly Luna, Celestia, Trixie and the rest of the gang.
Goes under the Multiple Ponies 2 folder.
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Sure thing.
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